Early Learning Strategic Plan Survey

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Closes 15 Mar 2019

Goal 1: Quality is raised for children by improving regulated standards

We are seeking your feedback on the recommendations in the Draft Plan. You can get more information about each recommendation here.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following recommendations:

Regulate new adult:child ratios for infants and toddlers
Require early learning services to support secure and consistent relationships for children
Incentivise for 100% and regulate for 80% qualified teachers in teacher-led centres by 2022, leading to regulation for 100%
Develop advice on group size, the design of physical environments, and environmental factors
Gazette Te Whāriki (the early learning curriculum) to support shared expectations. (Gazetting will strengthen Te Whāriki’s legal status).
Prevent low quality service providers from opening additional services
Increase monitoring of services