Gazetting Te Whāriki survey

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Closes 19 Aug 2022

Demographic information

While you do not have to answer the questions in this section, it would be appreciated. This information will help the Ministry of Education to understand the implications of the proposed change for different early learning service types and people with different roles in early learning.  

1. What is your ethnicity or ethnicities? (Select all that apply)
2. Where do you live? (select one)
3. What best describes you? (select one)
4. What type of early learning service(s) are you associated with? (select one)
5. Is your service? (select one)
6. What is the age range of the children your service caters for? (select one)
7. What is the number of children who attend on an average day in your service? (select one)
8. Is your service a Māori medium ECE service? (select one)
9. Is your service a Pacific medium ECE service? (select one)