Home-based Early Childhood Education Detailed Submission - Chinese

Closed 30 Sep 2018

Opened 21 Aug 2018


We want to hear your views on home-based early childhood education (ECE). 

This is an opportunity for you to tell us what you think about each of the changes that are being suggested for home-based ECE.

The information you provide will be carefully considered before any changes are made to the home-based ECE sector. 

You can either upload your own document, or fill in the online form. We suggest allowing 15 minutes or more.

Please note that in the following questions the use of the word ‘educator’ includes au pairs and nannies.

This survey is available in the following languages:

Te Reo Māori
Samoan | Gagana Samoa
Tongan | Lea Faka-Tonga
Chinese | 简体中文

This survey will soon be available in the following languages:

Niuean | Vagahau Niue
Cook Islands | Maori Kuki Airani
Tokelauan | Gagana Tokelau
Korean | 한국어
Hindi | हिन्दी