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Closes 19 Oct 2018

Opened 27 May 2018


We want you to share your experiences of NCEA and suggest ideas for how we can make it stronger in the future. We want it to be easy for you to have your say. There are lots of ways you can join the conversation.

Quick survey

Take our quick survey to tell us about your experiences of NCEA and how we could improve it for all our rangitahi. 

If you would prefer, this consultation is also available in the following languages:

Te Reo Māori
New Zealand Sign Language
Samoan | Gagana Samoa
Chinese |简体中文
Korean | 한국어
Cook Islands | Maori Kuki Airani
Hindi | हिन्दी
Tongan | Lea Faka-Tonga
Niuean | Vagahau Niue
Tokelauan | Gagana Tokelau

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