Proposed changes for Police vetting of non-teaching and unregistered employees

Closed 16 Jun 2021

Opened 21 Apr 2021


Have your say about amending the Police vetting provisions in the Education and Training Act 2020 to remove the two-week application period

Currently, ECE services and schools have two weeks after non-teaching and unregistered employees begin work to apply for a Police vet (the application period), as long as the employee does not have unsupervised access to children before the Police vet is obtained.

We are proposing to amend the Police vetting provisions in the Act to remove the application period and to ensure all employees who require a vet are vetted before they begin work.  This change is intended to remove confusion and ensure consistency for all Police vetting requirements for ECE and school staff.

More Information

For more information on Proposed change to Police vetting of education employees, click here.

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback on the proposal. Your feedback will help shape and inform advice to government on changes to Police vetting requirements.

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This consultation will be open until midnight on Wednesday 16 June.