Proposed changes to the priority categories for school enrolment schemes

Closed 16 Jun 2021

Opened 21 Apr 2021


Proposed changes to the priority categories for school enrolment schemes

Have your say about whether we should amend the provisions in the Education and Training Act 2020 to change the priority categories for out of zone enrolments in state schools

Many schools in New Zealand operate an enrolment scheme to manage capacity constraints. If a school with an enrolment scheme has capacity to enrol additional students from out-side their home zone, the school must offer those places to students using the balloting priority categories laid out in Schedule 20 of the Education and Training Act 2020.

The current order of priority is:

  1. students accepted into a special programme run by the school;
  2. siblings of current students;
  3. siblings of former students;
  4. children of former students;
  5. children of board employees and board members;
  6. all other students.

We have identified two potential options for changing the priority categories, in addition to retaining the status quo. We would like to hear your views to better understand how the current categories are working, whether there are any issues that justify changing the categories through legislative amendments, and if so, the preferred priority categories.

The possible options are:

  1. Status quo – leave the categories as outlined above.
  2. Increase the priority of children of board employees (teachers and other staff) and board members to priority three, lower the priority of siblings of former students, and remove the children of former students as a priority group.
  3. Retain current priority groups one and two, increase the priority of children of board members and employees to priority three, and hold an open ballot for all other applicants

If there are any changes to priority categories resulting from this consultation, these would not be introduced until 2022 at the earliest. This means that the current priority categories will continue to apply for students and schools for the time being.

More Information

For more information on Proposed changes to out of zone enrolment priority categories, click here.

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback on these options. Your feedback will help shape and inform advice to government on priority categories for out of zone enrolments.

You can answer some or all of the questions in each section. If there are any questions you do not want to answer, simply skip over them. 

We encourage you to fill in the first set of questions to help us analyse and understand the perspectives of the wide range of people answering this survey. 

This consultation will be open until midnight on Wednesday 16 June.