Rangiora High School - Amendment to Enrolment Scheme 2022

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Closes 31 Jan 2023


This survey is to gather feedback about the proposed enrolment scheme amendment for Rangiora High School.

Please make sure you have reviewed the available information before starting this survey.

Submissions are official information

Submissions you make become official information. The content of submissions can be asked for under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). Under the OIA, we must make information available unless there is good reason for withholding it.

Tell us if you have any objections to the release of any information used in your submission, particularly which part(s) you believe should be withheld, along with the reason. Reasons might include that it is commercially sensitive or it is personal information. We will take into consideration any objections when responding to OIA requests. However, any decision the Ministry of Education makes to withhold information can be reviewed by the Ombudsman, who may tell us to release it.