South Wellington Intermediate School Proposed Enrolment Scheme

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Closes 26 Jul 2024

South Wellington Intermediate Proposed Enrolment Scheme Survey

Please make sure you have reviewed the proposed map and boundary description before starting this survey.

1. Name
2. Please indicate your connection to education at South Wellington Intermediate. Please select all that apply to you.
3. Please indicate which school(s) (if any) or community group you are affiliated with, or indicate if you are affiliated with an early learning service. Please write in all that apply to you.
4. Do you wish to make any comment about the boundaries or areas included in the proposed enrolment scheme for South Wellington Intermediate?
5. It is important that we understand all implications before home zones are approved. Please comment below if there are any factors that you think need to be considered by the Ministry before making any decisions on the proposed enrolment scheme for South Wellington Intermediate. Please reply to all options that you wish to comment on.
6. Are you impacted by the changes? If yes, please describe.
7. Is there any other comment in relation to the proposed enrolment scheme that you wish to make?