Administration Support Staff General Areas of Responsibility

Closed 1 Jun 2021

Opened 10 May 2021


We want your feedback on the general areas of responsibility (GAR) we've developed for administration staff in schools as part of their pay equity claim, we want to make sure we've captured everything administration staff do in their jobs so they are accurately represented in the assessment.


After formally getting the pay equity process started for school administration support staff in June 2020, we launched into the investigation to find out if they are undervalued based on gender.

We interviewed a range of administration staff working in schools and kura across Aotearoa between July and December 2020. This data has been analysed and used to create these general areas of responsibility that reflect the variety and scope of activities administration staff perform.

The pay equity process looks closely at the work being done and not the job title, what’s described in their job description, or the personal attributes they may bring to their role. Levels of expertise, demand and effort may vary. 

We are keen to make sure there are no gaps in our understanding of what administration staff do, because these areas of responsibility become the starting place for something like the work matrix that was developed for teacher aides in their pay equity claim.

It is also important to note that no individual administration role is expected to carry out every activity identified but administration staff should see the responsibilities of their role reflected in the GAR.

Please set some time aside to fill in this digital consultation by clicking the 'Online Survey' button below. Alternatively, you could download a Word document copy and email your feedback to