Kaiārahi i te reo general areas of responsibility

Closed 11 Jun 2021

Opened 11 May 2021


As part of the investigation stage of the pay equity process, interviews were conducted with a sample of kaiārahi i te reo working in schools and kura across Aotearoa.

The data gathered has been analysed and used to create these general areas of responsibility, which reflect the range and variety of responsibilities and activities that kaiārahi i te reo do.

These 11 General Areas of Responsibility (GAR) are outlined in the following survey. We would like you to assess whether the GAR and the corresponding activities fully capture the current work of the kaiārahi i te reo at your school - are there any areas or activities missing?

It should be noted that while this report identifies the scope of activities kaiārahi i te reo perform, levels of expertise, demand and effort may vary. These elements will be captured during the final assessment phase of the process.

It is also important to note that no individual kaiārahi i te reo is expected to carry out every activity identified but they should see the responsibilities of their role reflected in the document.

Please click through the survey to view each area of responsibility and associated activities. At the end of each area of section you will find a field to type your feedback, if required.

You can move forwards and backwards through the survey if you would like to return to any previous sections. At the end of the survey you will be able to submit your responses.

Please set some time aside to fill in this digital consultation by clicking the 'Online Survey' button below. Alternatively, you could download a Word document copy and email your feedback to school.payequity@education.govt.nz.

This consultation has also been translated into te reo Māori for those would prefer to fill it in that way.