Vote – Ngā Whenu Raranga

Closed 26 Aug 2022

Opened 5 Aug 2022


Voting is now open on whether to endorse Ngā Whenu Raranga. You can submit your vote through the link at the bottom of this page.

Please note: if you have arranged for an employer association to represent you during the pay equity process, they will vote on your behalf.

Voting closes on Friday 26 August 2022.

Purpose of Ngā Whenu Raranga

Ngā Whenu Raranga (previously referred to as the high-level bargaining strategy) is the employers’ intended approach to investigating and assessing the Teachers’ Pay Equity Claim. We encourage you to review the recommended Ngā Whenu Raranga document and have your say by voting.

Ngā Whenu Raranga is included in the Multi-Employer Process Agreement as a key decision point where the ECE Steering Group is required to consult with and make recommendations to all the employers involved in the pay equity claim.

We are all equal partners in the Teachers’ Pay Equity Claim. Your engagement in the process is valuable to ensure the ECE Steering Group effectively represents the 500+ employers involved in the claim.