The Vision for NCEA levels 1-3

Closed 1 Mar 2020

Opened 13 Dec 2019


After engaging with New Zealanders, Cabinet agreed in-principle to a new purpose for each level of NCEA as part of the package of changes to NCEA in May 2019. The Minister currently intends to seek Cabinet’s approval in early 2020 to make the in-principle decisions final, subject to budget decisions. In preparation, the Ministry wants to work with stakeholders to test how we might implement this change. This is an exciting opportunity to reconsider the purpose of each level of NCEA and how they are experienced by learners.

Vision for NCEA levels 1-3

Based on New Zealanders’ feedback through NCEA Review engagement, Cabinet agreed in-principle that NCEA Level 1 be rebuilt as a qualification that enables learners to access learning programmes that give them foundational knowledge, skills, and capabilities from across a broad range of disciplines and helps keep their options open. Levels 2 and 3 should encourage deeper understanding and greater specialisation so that learners are ready for the next steps on their pathway, whether it be tertiary education, work or life in the community.

This is an opportunity to provide feedback on what a qualification enabling ‘broad’ and ‘specialised’ learning looks like in the context of NCEA, and how we might shape the qualifications to enable this vision. This vision is outlined in the draft qualification purpose and outcome statements for each level.

Pending Cabinet decisions, the upcoming Review of Achievement Standards (RAS) offers an important opportunity to discuss whether the existing range of subjects on offer at each level is fit for purpose. This is an early opportunity to consider what learning should be valued and recognised as part of NCEA and at what level this learning should occur.

Your responses will help us understand what an NCEA qualification that supports learners to engage meaningfully might look like for our young people. Responses are welcome until 1 March 2020.