Trial and Pilots phase 2 - Religious Studies questionnaire

Closed 4 Oct 2020

Opened 2 Sep 2020


The purpose of this questionnaire is to receive your feedback on the draft Religious Studies Achievement Standards and associated assessment package.

To view the draft assessment package please click here

What happens next

We will use the information you provide in the questionnaire to:

  • gain insights and better understand what does and does not work with regards to the draft standards
  • understand what further support may be needed to help implement them


We will not use the information provided for any other purpose and we will not be sharing the information with any other person or organisation.

Your response to the questionnaire will be held and managed securely by the Ministry and only accessed by Ministry staff who will be collating and analysing the responses received.


We will be preparing a report based on the responses we receive and feedback will be used to inform the next stage of the Review of Achievement Standards.