Trial and Pilots phase 2 Visual Arts questionnaire

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Closes 4 Oct 2020

Trial and Pilots phase 2 Visual Arts - Instructions

To assist you in completing this questionnaire, we have provided you with a series of documents:

  • The draft Visual Arts Achievement Standards
  • The Learning Matrix which shows the Big Ideas and Significant Learning for the subject
  • The draft Assessment Activities (formerly called Assessment Tasks)
  • The supporting documents for the Assessment Activities, which explain how to deliver the Assessment Activities
  • The Conditions of Assessment

As these documents are long, we recommend that you:

  1. Take time to read the relevant documents which relate to the specific questions
  2. Either have them open on the screen, or print them out if you are able to
  3. Refer back to the documents as you go along, as some questions will ask you to comment on the documents as a whole

Where possible there will be screenshots of the documents to help save time in flicking between the documents and the questionnaire.

We are asking you to give precise feedback on specific parts of the draft standards, as well as the standards as a whole. Please do not provide any personal information in your responses.