National Education and Learning Priorities

Closes 25 Nov 2019

What are the National Education and Learning Priorities?

To help address the issues in education and improve outcomes for all, the Minister of Education has developed 9 national education and learning priorities (NELP) for the New Zealand education system. These new NELP priorities will be used by the Boards of Trustees and governing groups at kōhanga reo, early learning centres, kura, schools and other places of learning. The priorities are one part of our work to improve education. 

Read more about the priorities and what they mean in the discussion document: 

Discussion Document: Shaping a strong education system with New Zealanders (English)
Discussion Document: Shaping a strong education system with New Zealanders (Māori)

How did we get here ?

In late 2018, the Ministry of Education carried out targeted engagements with children and young people to inform the National Education and Learning Priorities. We focused particularly on those who have been under-represented in other recent Education Conversation │ Kōrero Mātauranga engagements, and who are often the least well served by the education system. 

What we were told in these conversations helped us develop the draft priorities, and has been summarised in the engagement report Treat Kids Like They’re Gold, which is available on our website here:

What happens to this information?
Your feedback will be used to help us develop the final priorities. 

We ask for information about you or your organisation so we  can check we get responses from a range of people. You or your organisation will not be identified in any reporting, and your responses will be confidential to the Ministry of Education. You have the right to check and correct any personal information you provide. Responses will be combined and summarised in a report.

This survey may take around 10 minutes to complete, so pour a cup of tea and get comfy. Your thoughts and opinions count!

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