Education and care and home-based services funding review (Te Reo Māori)

Closed 6 Jun 2023

Opened 12 Apr 2023


Pay Parity Funding Review – Consultation Extended

Following feedback from the sector, it has been decided to extend the deadline for submissions on the Pay Parity Funding Review by two weeks.

Submissions now close at the end of day on 6 June 2023.

The Pay Parity Team

Consultation on proposed changes

The Ministry of Education is undertaking a review of early learning funding relating to pay parity for certificated teachers. The Review’s aim is to identify and implement a preferred approach to better align funding for education and care services to their certificated teacher salary costs. 

As part of the Review, the Ministry is now consulting on a proposal to help fully implement pay parity for certificated teachers in education and care services (including hospital-based services and casual education and care services) with their counterparts in kindergartens. The Review also covers pay for coordinators in home-based services.  

Proposal for education and care services

For education and care services, it is proposed to replace the existing two main early learning subsidies for education and care services (the ECE Funding Subsidy and 20 Hours ECE subsidy) with two new subsidies.

  1. A Teacher Salary Subsidy (TSS): a subsidy with the amount broadly based on an entitlement of full-time certificated teacher equivalents (FTTEs) allocated to each service and the average teacher pay in each service.
  2. An Operating Subsidy (OS): a subsidy paid at fixed rates per child hour.

Proposal for home-based coordinators

For home-based coordinators, two options are proposed to improve their pay. The first option would separate out and redistribute some of the existing early learning subsidy funding for home-based services through a new Coordinator Salary Subsidy (CSS). The second option would uniformly increase existing subsidies to broadly reflect increased coordinator costs.

These two proposals retain core underlying principles and settings in the wider early learning funding system such as:

  • the cost of early learning being shared between the government and parents
  • funding being linked to regulated ratios and hourly child attendance, and
  • retention of existing weekly and daily funded hour limits.

Adoption of these proposals is a significant change to funding for these service types and so we are very interested to hear your view of the proposals or, alternatively, suggestions for redesigning funding to align with pay parity requirements.

Hui slides

Below are presentation slides from the recent hui to discuss these proposals.

Pay Parity slides – Education and Care Services [PDF, 911KB]

Pay Parity slides – Home-Based [PDF, 914KB]

Questions and answers from online hui

See below for answers to questions that have been asked at previous hui.

Pay Parity Consultation QA [PDF, 325 KB]

Pay Parity Consultation QA [DOCX, 88 KB]

Pay Parity Consultation QA part 2 [PDF, 266 KB]

Pay Parity Consultation QA part 2 [DOCX, 76 KB]

Home-Based Q&As [PDF, 203 KB]

Home-Based Q&As [DOCX, 40 KB]

Take part in the consultation

Consultation runs from 12 April to 6 June 2023.

Anyone with an interest in the issues is welcome to make a submission.

Online submission

Read the consultation documents and submit your feedback from the link below.

Consultation documents


Consultation document for the Pay Parity Funding Review [DOCX, 1.1MB]

Summary of consultation document (English) [DOCX, 407KB]

Summary of consultation document (Te reo Māori) [DOCX, 446KB]

Summary of consultation document (Cook Islands Māori) [DOCX, 647KB]

Summary of consultation document (Samoan) [DOCX, 645KB]

Summary of consultation document (Tongan) [DOCX, 485KB]

Summary of consultation document (Tokelauan) [DOCX, 451KB]

Summary of consultation document (Niuean) [DOCX, 483 KB]


Consultation document for the Pay Parity Funding Review [PDF, 975KB]

Summary of consultation document (English) [PDF, 521KB]

Summary of consultation document (Te reo Māori) [PDF, 667KB]

Summary of consultation document (Cook Islands Māori) [PDF, 605KB]

Summary of consultation document (Samoan) [PDF, 670KB]

Summary of consultation document (Tongan) [PDF, 713KB]

Summary of consultation document (Tokelauan) [PDF, 725KB]

Summary of consultation document (Niuean) [PDF, 684 KB]

Online survey in Te Reo Māori

Online consultation on Pay Parity Funding Review (Te Reo Māori)


You can send a more detailed written submission to


You can also send a more detailed written submission by post using the following address:

ECE Pay Parity

Ministry of Education | Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga

PO Box 1666

Wellington 6140

The Ministry requires feedback by 11.59pm on 6 June 2023.

Any questions

If you have any questions about the consultation, please email