Principal Eligibility Criteria Feedback Form: School Boards, Current Principals and Future Applicants

Closes 30 Sep 2022

Opened 2 Aug 2022


Appointing the right principal and tumuaki to be the kaitiaki (guardian) of a school ensures a sustainable, empowering and safe environment for all. The right principal understands their responsibilities to support a school to function in a safe, respectful and effective way while honouring the role principals have in upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Currently, the only set requirement for a person applying for a principal role is to have a current Teacher’s Practicing Certificate, but following the review of Tomorrow’s Schools, the Government decided a fuller set of criteria was needed to help support the appointment process of principals and help school boards and applicants by creating a consistent set of guidelines.

The draft criteria have been developed by a team whose members were nominated by NZEI, PPTA and Mātauranga Iwi Leaders Group. They have been supported by a working group of principals, board members, NZSTA, NZPF, Te Akatea and the Teaching Council.

The criteria will mainly be a tool for school boards to use when appointing a principal but can also be used by current and aspiring principals to use when thinking about their career development.

The Ministry is now consulting on the draft criteria and asks for feedback via the online feedback form.

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Tell us if you have any objections to the release of any information used in your submission, particularly which part(s) you believe should be withheld, along with the reason. Reasons might include that it is commercially sensitive or it is personal information. We will take into consideration any objections when responding to OIA requests. However, any decision the Ministry of Education makes to withhold information can be reviewed by the Ombudsman, who may tell us to release it.

Why your views matter

The feedback you provide will be used to inform the final structure of the criteria.

For more details on the draft Principal Eligibility Criteria for English medium, please read the consultation document.

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