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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We asked

  • What would the role look like when focused on the local curriculum to support the wellbeing of learners?
  • How could we identify when learner wellbeing knowledge and skill were improving?
  • What does good engagement with a Curriculum Lead look like, who should be involved and how often?
  • How would impact the roles and define the support and process they needed?
  • How can the Curriculum Leads get regionally connected with?:
    •  the right people
    • The different learning contexts
    • The resources they would need.

You said

  • The name of the role is a potential issue.
  • These roles need to have a pedagogical approach that is holistic and focuses on connectedness, skills and competencies as well as knowledges.
  • We need to take a system-wide approach to wellbeing to ensure curriculum advice is aligned with other wellbeing frameworks (such as ERO’s wellbeing indicators).
  • Curriculum Leads need to put a wellbeing lens over BAU strategic planning to determine needs for different contexts.
  • The Curriculum Leads need the skill to talk with a range of people. They need to be able to help teachers and kaiako identify what sort of support is needed.

We did

We are using the information gathered at these meetings to develop a more detailed design of the role to enable tools and resources to be progressed for the Curriculum Leads. 

We want to continue working with you to further refine the roles and ways of working of the Curriculum Leads. Keep an eye out for opportunities to be involved in the next stage.