Iona College Maximum Roll Increase (MRI)

Closed 28 Nov 2022

Opened 1 Nov 2022


The Ministry of Education is considering an application for a maximum roll increase from the proprietor of Iona College (224), the College Council (Board of proprietors).

The Iona College Council submitted an application in 2017, which was deferred for longer than was originally intended due to the Ministry undertaking the Havelock North Area Strategy needs analysis.  The College Council has reactivated this application to request an increase of its maximum roll of 80 places by 2024 to support a stronger curriculum provision.  The Ministry has not been able to support this increase at the present time, and has recommended that the maximum number of student places be revised to 30 places in 2023. The Ministry will plan to undertake a further review in the first quarter of 2023.


This would increase the current Iona College maximum roll from 300 to 330 students and the day student total from 134 to 160.   These additional student places will be distributed across Year levels 7-13.   

The requested increase is part of the College’s Property Masterplan 2021 to 2040, which sets out its vision for the future that encompasses capital projects, property development, seismic strengthening work, and aims “to promote who we are, use our strengths and resources to strategically build our future and realise our vision”. The proprietor has proposed that the current non- preference roll remain at 5% of the total roll.

We are seeking feedback from school boards directly to the Ministry of Education. Please send your comments to Emma Bourne, Lead Adviser Network at  Your comments should be received no later than 28 November,2022.