Proposed changes to how compulsory student services fees are regulated

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Closes 16 Jun 2021

Consultation Contents

1. What region do you live in?
2. How old are you?
3. What ethnic group/s do you identify with? Select as many options as you want.
4. Does the current framework for CSSFs give the Government enough discretion to specify requirements on providers that charge a CSSF?
5. Do current settings on CSSFs incentivise tertiary providers to involve students in decisions on CSSFs?
6. Under the current framework for CSSFs, are the current arrangements at tertiary providers for different types of students fair? (For example, extramural students or part-time students).
7. What requirements should the Government be able to place on tertiary providers that charge a CSSF and how should these change over time to respond to system changes or sector feedback?
8. What consultation process should the Government go through to make future changes to the CSSF framework, as enabled by the proposal in this discussion document?
9. How much notice should the Government need to give to make changes to the requirements on tertiary providers charging a CSSF, particularly for providers implementing changes?
10. What timeframes for managing any changes to the CSSF framework do tertiary providers consider sufficient to adapt?

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