Te Kura o Matarangi -Northcote School - Minor Amendment

Closes 7 Jun 2024

Opened 6 May 2024


The Ministry of Education is proposing a minor amendment to the enrolment scheme of Te Kura o Matarangi - Northcote School.

The current written description for the Te Kura o Matarangi - Northcote School home zone does not take into account recent residential developments in the local area. A minor amendment is therefore required to update the written description and map for the home zone to clarify boundaries and to identify more accurately which addresses should be considered in-zone. This will allow more accurate identification of in-zone addresses, particularly when using online search tools. The enrolment scheme wording will also be updated to reflect the Education and Training Act 2020.

The proposed commencement date of this minor amendment is 01 January 2025.

Te Kura o Matarangi - Northcote School - Proposed Enrolment Scheme (Right click to open in new window)

Te Kura - Matarangi - Northcote School - Current and Proposed Map (Right click to open in new window) 

The enrolment of out-of-zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020.

Comments can be made to Canterbury.EnrolmentSchemes@education.govt.nz by 7 June 2024.

Following the notification period, the Ministry will consider any comments received and process this minor amendment to ensure it meets the requirements of the Education and Training Act 2020. If the Ministry is satisfied that the enrolment scheme meets these requirements, the enrolment scheme will be finalised and provided to the school board to implement.