Public Engagement Survey RAS Phase 1

Closed 19 Apr 2021

Opened 23 Mar 2021


We would like to engage with a wide range of individuals and groups on the first stage of NCEA Level 1 subject development in the Review of Achievement Standards (RAS). We are keen to know your views so that we can continue this work with confidence.

We will use your feedback to gain insights and a better understanding of what works well and what might need further attention. We will be preparing a report based on the responses we receive, which will be used for the next stage of development.

Draft subject content is now available on This content includes:

  • Subject Learning Matrix which shows the Significant Learning for the subject.
  • Assessment Matrix which shows the Significant Learning that will be assessed.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Guide (TLAG) which explains how the Learning and Assessment Matrices were developed.
  • Course Outlines to demonstrate how the Learning and Assessment Matrices could work together.

When you read the subject information on you will see there are four smaller headings on the right hand side of the page labelled Learning, Teaching, Assessment, and Subject Glossary. Click on any of these to find information about what is being proposed for that subject. You will find the Learning Matrix under Learning, the Assessment Matrix under Assessment, and the Course Outlines under Teaching. The Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Guide (TLAG) is the combination of all this information, spread across all three tabs. The Glossary tab contains subject-specific terms.


Suggested approach:

  1. Read through all subject content on before answering the questions to give yourself an overview.
  2. When answering questions, keep open on your screen to refer to.

What happens next

We will not use the information provided for any other purpose stated and we will not be sharing the information with any other person or organisation. Please do not provide any personal information in your responses to ensure that your responses are not identifiable.

Your response to the survey will be held and managed securely by the Ministry and only accessed by Ministry staff who will be collating and analysing the responses received.