Pacific Education - Working together to develop an Action Plan for Pacific Education

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Closes 6 Oct 2019


As part of the Education Conversation I Kōrero Mātauranga, thousands of Pacific learners and their families shared what is important to them in education and what they would like to see changed.

We heard that a good education system is one that values the diverse Pacific languages, identities and cultures and supports family wellbeing and success. A good education system means that Pacific children and their families don’t need to leave their culture at the door when they go to learn. Sadly, we heard that Pacific communities are experiencing racism, discrimination and bullying. 

We have already started responding to what we heard through the fono in 2018 and you can read about that here. To keep this work going we want to work reciprocally with Pacific communities to design a 10 year Action Plan for Pacific Education. 

You can have your say by filling out this 10 minute survey, by coming along to a fono near you or by making a submission via email to


1. In order to get to know you better, please provide a little information about yourself:
2. Where do you live?
3. Which option best describes where you live?
4. What is your connection to education? (select all that apply)
5. What ethnic groups do you identify with? (select all that apply)
6. What Genders do you Identify with? (select all that apply)
7. Do you Identify with either of the following? (select all that apply)