Consultation on the Education Research Evaluation and Development Strategy

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Closes 15 Jun 2022


Thank you for choosing to share your views on the Education Research and Development (ERED) Strategy.​

We are thinking about research that can be designed to:

  • be directly applied in educational settings;
  • used to discover new knowledge and ways of thinking about things, including teaching and learning approaches (e.g. diverse peoples, worldviews, knowledge and values etc)
  • evaluate existing and new ideas or initiatives; and,
  • inform practice using a testing, developing and redesigning process.

First of all, we would appreciate you sharing some information about yourself. This will help us ensure that we consider the views of a broad range of people and organisations.

1. ​Are you submitting as an individual or on behalf of an organisation?
2. If you are submitting as an individual, what ethnic group or groups do you identify with (select all that apply)
3. What is your relationship to education (select all that apply)
4. Do you identify as disabled/neurodiverse?
5. What is your gender?
6. If you are responding on behalf of an organization or agency, what is the key purpose/focus of your organization?