Tertiary Student Voice Engagement

Closed 4 Oct 2019

Opened 21 Aug 2019


Welcome to the Tertiary Student Voice Survey!

Does your Education Organisation create the conditions, employ the practices and develop the behaviours, attitudes and learning environments that are conducive to student voice, agency and leadership? We want to know!

This survey will be open for 6 weeks. Following the consultation deadline of Friday 4 October 2019, we will analyse and process all submissions.

We will then use your feedback to help us develop fuller focus areas for enhancing student voice and will provide this advice to the Minister of Education.

We will publish a summary of what we heard during this engagement on the Ministry of Education’s Kōrero Mātauranga website, here. On this website, you can also access the discussion paper with more detail on this survey.

This survey will take around 20 mins, so pour a cup of tea and get comfy. Your thoughts and opinions count!

Also, if there are any questions that you don’t want to answer, including in the demographic section, simply skip over them.