Tomorrow’s Schools Review Survey 2019

Closes 31 Mar 2019

A bit about you

Please tell us a bit about you, but only if you wish to share. Please select the options that best apply to you, below.

How old are you?

What gender do you identify with?

What is your ethnicity? (You can choose more than one)

Please give the name(s) and region(s) of your iwi and hapū if you know them:

I identify as having a disability, and/or require additional support to learn:

I care for someone who has a disability, and/or requires additional support to learn:

If you are currently a student, please tell us what level and type of school you go to:

If you are a parent, whānau member, or caregiver, please tell us:

If you work within the education system, please tell us if you are a:

If you work at a school, are on a board of trustees, or have a child at a school, what type of school is it?

What is your highest education qualification?

What is your total household income, before tax was taken out, in the 12 months that will end on 31 March 2019?

Where do you live?