Amended Enrolment Schemes for Cromwell Primary School and Goldfields School (Cromwell)

Closed 21 Mar 2024

Opened 22 Feb 2024

Results updated 6 May 2024

The Ministry of Education has completed consultation on the proposed amended enrolment schemes for Cromwell Primary School and Goldfields School.  All consultation feedback was considered by the Ministry, the amended enrolment schemes has been approved with a small amendment from what was consulted on.  The change consists of the Wooing Tree area will be included in the Goldfields School home zone.

The approved written descriptions and accompanying maps can be found below.



The Ministry of Education is currently working with the Boards of Cromwell Primary School and Goldfields School to amend their existing enrolment schemes.

Enrolment schemes are needed in the Cromwell area to help manage enrolments across schools.  This allows Boards to manage the risk of overcrowding, provides a fair and transparent process for enrolment and ensures we are making the best use of schooling facilities across the area.

Enrolment schemes do mean that choice is limited in this area – all families will have entitlement to attend a school that is reasonably convenient to them but won’t have the same entitlement to enrol at other state schools.  (Note - students already enrolled at a school before a home zone is implemented or changed are entitled to stay at their current school).

We know that changing existing home zones can be challenging for current families who have younger siblings that may be impacted when they start school.  Changes to the legislation (Education and Training Act 2020) now allow us to include grandparenting clauses.  This means that provided certain criteria are met, younger siblings may also be able to attend the same school as their older brother and sister who are currently enrolled.

It’s important that we hear and understand community perspectives before we amend these schemes – especially the practical implication and whether the new boundaries accurately reflect the area. 

Please have a look at the maps and overview information available below before you participate in the consultation process. We’re also interested in understanding the impact of grandparenting (additional entitlement to enrol) clauses – so even if you don’t have a comment about the boundary areas, we would encourage you to participate in consultation so we can gather as full a picture as possible about families that qualify for grandparenting clauses if these are included.

This consultation process is about enrolment schemes, which determines the entitlement to enrol.  It’s important to note that a student’s eligibility to enrol may be different to their eligibility for School Transport assistance.  Further information about eligibility to school transport can be found here

Information (please read these before taking part in the consultation)

Cromwell Primary School

Goldfields School

Frequently asked questions

Map of Cromwell showing the two proposed zones

Map of proposed area of change - Wooing Tree area