Rangiora High School - Amendment to Enrolment Scheme 2022

Closes 31 Jan 2023

Opened 7 Nov 2022


The Ministry of Education has been working with Rangiora High School to establish an amendment to their current enrolment scheme.

*** Please note the closing date of this consultation has been extended from 09 December 2022 to 31 January 2023 ***

The purpose of an enrolment scheme is to assist the Board to manage the risk of overcrowding, provide a fair and transparent process for enrolment and to ensure we are making the best use of schooling facilities across the network of local schools. Click here for the purpose and principles of an enrolment scheme. (Right click to open in a new window)



A key part of an enrolment scheme is the home zone.

Rangiora High School have an enrolment scheme, which has been in place since 2006. The enrolment scheme has been amended in previous years, withdrawing from the Woodend / Pegasus / Ravenswood area in 2012, and more recently adopting a special programme for students regarding additional learning support.

Rural residential development and changes in roading infrastructure along boundary roads has occurred since the home zone was last amended. Therefore, an amendment is required to clarify the home zone boundary. The home zone map and written description have been updated to allow more accurate identification of in-zone addresses, particularly when using online search tools. The enrolment scheme wording has also been updated to reflect the Education and Training Act (2020).

Current and proposed home zone (right click to open in a new window)

The amended enrolment scheme is proposed to commence from 01 January 2024.

All learners/ākonga who live within the home zone of Rangiora High School will have an entitlement to attend the school and those that live outside the home zone may be accepted if there are out-of-zone places available and an application meets legislated requirements. To be able to do this, boards at state schools keep an eye on the number of applications received from in-zone students to help them determine the places they might have available for out-of-zone students once all in-zone enrolments are accepted.

Note that all students who are already enrolled at Rangiora High School before the enrolment scheme amendment commences are entitled to stay at Rangiora High School. Siblings of current students that reside outside the home zone will have priority access to any out-of-zone places offered by the school.

In this case, any siblings of current students currently residing in the withdrawal areas may be able to enrol at the school under the specific “Additional Entitlement to Enrol” provision (this is also known as 'Grandparenting'). Please see the attachment below for further information.

It is important that we hear and understand community perspectives before we establish this amendment to the enrolment scheme at Rangiora High School – especially the design and practical implications of the home zone.  Please have a look at the map and information available before you participate in the consultation process.

Please note, there is also a consultation open for an amendment to Kaiapoi High School's enrolment scheme.

This consultation process is about enrolment schemes, which determines eligibility to enrol. 

Information (please read this before completing the survey)

Map and written description of proposed home zone (right click to open in a new window) 

Map only with proposed home zone (right click to open in a new window)

Current and proposed home zone (right click to open in new window)

Frequently Asked Questions (right click to open in a new window) 

Additional Entitlement to Enrol information (right click to open in a new window) 


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