Enrolment Scheme James Cook High School

Closed 24 Sep 2021

Opened 11 Aug 2021

Results updated 5 Nov 2021

Official zones and witten descriptions can be found below the following table

Topic of Concern


  1. No overlap in zones requested.

Ministry Response: Under the Education and Training Act 2020 school zones can be drawn to overlap and the ministry do that for a variety of reasons to manage a particular network of schools.

The overlap gives families a choice between both schools. There are a number of students in the overlap area that currently attend James Cook High School.

The overlap area is intended to help ease the roll pressure on Manurewa High School due to developments within their zone.

  1. No objection to the enrolment scheme as notified.

Ministry Response: The proposal offers the most flexibility for the network.

  1. Request to consider the area around Waiata Shores within the James Cook High School zone due to proximity to James Cook High School.

Ministry Response: This area is currently zoned for Rosehill College. There are 52 secondary aged students in the area; half of whom go to Rosehill College. None of the 52 students currently attend James Cook High School despite the close proximity.

This area may be reviewed in future as the effects of development are seen on the enrolment scheme of Rosehill College.



The Ministry of Education is currently working with the Board of James Cook High School to establish a new enrolment scheme. The proposed enrolment scheme fills the unzoned area surrounding James Cook High School and introduces an overlap with Manurewa High School's existing zone. James Cook High School also operates 1 x Māori language immersion programme and 1 x Samoan language immersion programme which will be included as priority one of their enrolment scheme.

Enrolment schemes are needed to help manage enrolments across schools.  This allows Boards to manage the risk of overcrowding, provides a fair and transparent process for enrolment and ensures we are making the best use of schooling facilities across the area.

Enrolment schemes do mean that choice is limited in this area – all families will have entitlement to attend a school that is reasonably convenient to them, but won’t have the same entitlement to enrol at other state schools.  (Note - students already enrolled at a school before a home zone is implemented or changed are entitled to stay at their current school).

It’s important that we hear and understand community perspectives before we establish these new schemes – especially the practical implication and whether the new boundaries accurately reflect the area.  Please have a look at the maps and overview information available below before you participate in the consultation process. 

This consultation process is about enrolment schemes, which determines the entitlement to enrol.  It’s important to note that a student’s eligibility to enrol may be different to their eligibility for School Transport assistance.  Further information about eligibility to school transport can be found here https://www.education.govt.nz/school/property-and-transport/transport/sta-eligibility/

The proposed enrolment scheme map, written description and factsheet for James Cook High School can be found in files attached on the bottom of the page (please read these before taking part in the consultation).

The Ministry of Education is currently undertaking consultation about the proposed changes and new enrolment schemes. You can have your say by:

  • Completing the survey below
  • Emailing auckland.enrolmentschemes@education.govt.nz if you have further questions or comments.

Ministry will consider all feedback and liaise with the Board before making a final decision. The new schemes and changes will come into effect for the beginning of 2022.